Before Off Automatic
      ओवरफ्लो कंट्रोल सिस्टम


Before Off Automatic
Front View
RATE of Before Off Automatic:-   ₹ 2500/_ per unit.
Before Off Automatic
Connection Hole View
Before Off Automatic
Knowledge About System
Before Off Automatic
Connection diagram for Submersible Pump
Before Off Automatic
Connection Diagram for Dry Motor
Before Off Automatic
Connection diagram for prod/sensor in Tank


What is Before Off Automatic

It is a Over Head Water Tank OFF Automatic Overflow Control System. Before Off Automatic is used to automaticaly stop existing panel and motor ( whether Dry Motor or Submersible Pump).
Both direct and indirect ( power supply to motor/ panel) function is available {
  By using DTP switch
(left side:-> direct mode.
Right side:-> Automatic Off mode
This system can be used directly to the supply, its output will help the motor / panel for Automatic Off Function.

Setup Procedure

220 V AC Input line will be connected to this system, and 220 V AC output can be connected to any dry motor or submersible pump panel.
If DTP switch is in left side, dry motor or submersible pump will get 220 V AC supply.

How to Order

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Pricing Details

Our products are priced reasonably.
RATE of Before Off Automatic:-   ₹ 2500/_ per unit.

Content in the box

  • Before Off Automatic System - 01 Nos.
  • Prod/ Sensor - 02 Nos.
  • PVC Insulation Tape - 01Nos.
  • Iron Screws - 03Nos.
  • Nylon Sleevs - 03Nos.
  • Concreate Nail - 03Nos.
  • Use Diagram - 02Pages
  • Warranty Card - 01Page


Although aur system are fully function and tested by certified technicians, we are offering 18 Months manufacturing warranty (from manufactured date) in the case of faliure of our system.
The warranty does not cover damage to any unit caused by accident, misuse, fire, moisten with water.

Technical Help

before Off Automatic (ओवरफ्लो कंट्रोल सिस्टम) Overflow Control System

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