About Us

Sant Technique is a Group of Technical Professionals committed towards the development of new technology.
Save Water! Save Energy! Save Money! Save Future!
Through intensive research, we have different varieties of Water Level Controlling System and many automatic ON-OFF switches.

We have developed various types of Automatic Overflow Control System (ओवरफ्लो कंट्रोल सिस्टम) :-
1. Panel Cum Full Automatic

1. Panel Cum Off Automatic
2. Before Off Automatic
3. Auxiliary Off Automatic
4. Contactor Coil Off Automaitc

Some Auto controlled switches are:-
1. Day Night Auto ON-OFF
2. Motion ON-OFF Auto

Overflow Control System is designed and manufactured to comfort to standards of Quality, Reliability and Safety.
Our Water Level Controller is a User Friendly, Reliable, Low Maintenance and Easy Connection & Install. These systems are used in (220V AC Supply) Dry Motor and Submersable Pump.

Note:- Please Follow the Instructions Carefully During Installation Period.

and     Save Water!     Save Energy!     Save Money!     Save Future!