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About Sant Technique

Sant Technique is a Group of Technical Professionals committed towards the development of new technology. We are in this field since decades, we have studied and understood the need and importance of water and energy. We have developed waterlevel controling system Through intensive research, we have various Water Level Controlling System, wherein, technically speaking, there are no defects or drawbacks whatsoever. We Have Developed three types of Off Automatic Overflow Control System (ओवरफ्लो कंट्रोल सिस्टम) :-
1. Panel Cum Off Automatic
2. Before Off Automatic
3. Auxiliary Off Automatic

Our Mission

Our mission is to Save Water! Save Energy! Save Money! Save Future!. We have our share of contribution in Energy Conversion and in saving the wastage of Potable Water and Electrical Power, which are the valuable resource of our planet.

Why Choose Us

Our Water Level Controller is a User Friendly, Reliable, Low Maintenance and Easy to Connect & Install. These systems are used in (220V AC Supply) Dry Motor and Submersable Pump.
We have allredy installed over thousands of systems in various cities, these systems are up and running.